Marina Silva

by Guadalupe Flores from Chicago, Illinois in United States

"For an economically prosperous, politically democratic, social, just and environmentally sustainable Brazil"

168472Marina Silva and Miro Teixera hero is Marina Silva. She is a Brazilian politician, environmentalist and pedagogue.she was born in Brazil , she is 66 years old, In 1981 she enrolled at the Federal University of Acre. It was at university that she discovered Marxism, and in 1985 she joined the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Marina Silva was appointed Minister of the Environment. created a forest service and a biodiversity institute, and several nature funds, including the largest international effort to preserve the rainforest, the Amazon Fund.Her actions relate to sustainable development as she shared her vision on sustainable development and its challenges. It provided a deep reflection on the bottlenecks that have prevented a change from the current predatory development model towards a sustainable model.

I chose this person because she is a woman who achieved many good things in her life and cares about the environment in the world. I was interested in researching her because one of the main issues she helped with was deforestation in the forests. It is a topic that also attracts my attention.


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