MY HERO's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Contact: Wendy Milette FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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LAGUNA BEACH, CA – 1/8/15 - In August of 1995, three mothers launched a hero themed web project in hopes of counteracting negative images and stereotypes children were being subjected to in mainstream media.  In the past 20 years, The MY HERO Project has grown into an award winning resource used by teachers, parents and students in more than 194 countries.
MY HERO hosts the largest archive of hero stories in the world. It’s Teachers Room offers lesson plans and ideas for creating and sharing stories of heroes and heroism in the classroom. The MY HERO International Film Festival, which is held in Los Angeles each fall, showcases the best hero-themed short films and shares them with MY HERO’s global online audience.  
MY HERO is grateful to the people who share their inspiring stories of heroism with the world. In recognition of those storytellers, and the heroes they celebrate, the MY HERO team is pleased to announce that very special prizes will be offered to the most outstanding essays, art work, music and short films.  

Submission deadline - October 15, 2015

All work shared on The MY HERO web site will be automatically considered for these awards. Special awards will be given to submissions in the following categories:


  • Peace
  • Environment
  • Healthy relationships
  • Activism

Create a MY HERO web page, write a song, create a work of art, or make a short film to honor the people who inspire you. Share your hero story with the world.  

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