Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Jacob from Sherman OAks

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of many words.So many of his words have change so many people's lifestyles. I look up to Dr. King so much because of the things he did for my people in the past. His words were powerful enough to change the whole world, through racism, segregation, and many more things.

With the help of others, Dr. King had many activities that changed the way this whole world works. The things that he did changed the minds of many people who thought that black people deserve the treatment that others got. Dr. King did everything in his power help the people who needed it the most, and without him blacks and whites would probably still be segregated.

Martin Luther King Jr. would risk life by going into racist neighborhoods, he would get beat by police for doing the right thing. Police would throw him in jail for weeks at a time just for trying to bring all of us together in happiness. Sometimes they would bring all of the people who would protest with him to jail. They wouldn't give them the things they needed to sleep on while they were in jail, but he still never gave up.

When Martin Luther King Jr. was assasinated, it change the lives or many. They probably thought what are we going to do now that Dr. King was gone. He was the heart and soul of all the maches, and all the protests. What to do now was what they thought, they prbably didn't know what to do.But they knew that Martin Luther had done his job before he left.

Now that I have told you about Dr. King you should understand why he is my hero. Because without him I wouldn't be where I am now. He is the perfect rolemodel for anyone. Because he was such a strong and positive human being. He was good to those who would throw rocks and things at him, and not many would be able to accomplish all the things he has accomplished.

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