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Curated Multimedia Science Hero Stories that include text with audio allowing students to listen as they read along about Science Heroes. Students are encouraged to write about their heroes in Science to share with MY HERO.

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Earthkeepers Stories with Text and Audio

Adarsha Shivakumar and Apoorva Rangan Project Jatropha

By: David Kemker from The MY HERO Project

Adarsha Shivakumar and Apoorva Rangan Project Jatropha started the nonprofit Project Jatropha which is an alternative to fossil fuel.

Chief Oren Lyons

By: Aibanrihun Lyngdoh

Chief Oren Lyons is an internationally venerated advocate for preserving biodiversity.

Dr. Shirley McGreal

By: Julian Siminski

Dr. Shirley McGreal founded the International Primate Protection League.

Chico Mendes

By: Jeff Trussell

Chico Mendes died a martyr defending the rainforests.

David T. Suzuki

By: Anthony from Edmonton

David T. Suzuki has been teaching the public about the science of environmentalism for many years.

Fin Donnelly

By: Jenny Kim

Fin Donnelly works to keep our rivers and waters clean.

Harrison Ford

By: BT from San Diego

Harrison Ford is an actor, humanitarian and ardent conservationist.

Jim and Jamie Dutcher

By: Sarah from Laguna Beach

Jim and Jamie Dutcher are wolf conservationists.

John Denver

By: Debra from Santa Monica

John Denver was an American songwriter/singer and activist for the environment.

John Muir

By: Harold W. Wood, Jr.

John Muir advocated preservation, feeling that natural areas promote mental health.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

By: "Friends of the Everglades"<br><h5>Permission to use this material was grant...

Marjory Stoneman Douglas was instrumental in preserving the Florida Everglades.

Mika Vanhanen

By: Wendy Jewell from The My Hero Project

Mika Vanhanen is the founder and director of Environment Online, a global virtual school for sustainable development

Olivia Bouler

By: Betty Bailey

Olivia Bouler Olivia created 500 paintings of her feathered friends to raise funds for Audubon's bird rescue.

Philippe Cousteau

By: Wendy Jewell

Philippe Cousteau continues the work of his father, Jacques Cousteau, through Earth Echo International.

Earthkeeper Hero: Pretoma by Amanda Molinaro

By: Amanda Molinaro from Irvine

PRETOMA works to protect ocean resources in Costa Rica.

Rachel Carson

By: Wendy Jewell

Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, was the mother of the environmental movement.

Robin Emmons

By: Sydney from Roseville

Robin Emmons is an organic farmer who has created a foundation to fight hunger.

Surfrider Foundation

By: Amanda Molinaro from Irvine

Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world's oceans, waves and beaches.

Tuy Sereivathana

By: Used with permission from<br><a href=""...

Tuy Sereivathana is a Cambodian environmentalist who solves conflicts between elephants and people.

Jack Johnson

By: Alex from San Diego

Jack Johnson is a musician who encourages kids to take care of the environment.

Jane Goodall
By: Katelyn from DuBois

"My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with nature." J. Goodall


Students are encouraged to write about their own Earth Keeper heroes to share with MY HERO through the Create Program. Students are able to record themselves reading their stories and submit the text and audio for publication.


Scientist Hero Stories with Text and Audio

Augusta Ada Byron Lovelace

By: Edward Ortiz

Augusta Ada Byron Lovelace developed the world's first computer program while struggling with her own personal hardships. (12/10/1815)

David D. Ho

By: Jonathan

David D. Ho discovered a successful way to treat people with AIDS.

Fabiola Gianotti

By: Wendy Jewell from The MY HERO Project

Fabiola Gianotti is an Italian particle physicist.

Franklin Chang Diaz

By: Emma Navajas

Franklin Chang Diaz is a Costa Rican and American veteran of seven Space Shuttle missions.

Gwynne Rowley Shotwell

By: Torrey Levin-Russell

Gwynne Rowley Shotwell is the president of SpaceX, the company that made the Dragon space craft.

Gustave Eiffel

By: Jimmy from France

Gustave Eiffel was the French engineer who built the Eiffel Tower.

Katherine Johnson

By: Kyra from Ankara, Turkey

Her story was hidden for decades: Katherine Johnson plotted multiple flight courses for NASA, including the Apollo 11 spacecraft, the first spaceship to reach the moon.

Madame Curie

By: Robert B. Hole, Jr.

Madame Curie received the Nobel Prize for her discovery of Radium.

Alan Turing

By: Edward Ortiz

Alan Turing was a brilliant scientist and mathematician who laid the theoretical groundwork for the first computer.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

By: Daren from Hawesville

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, cosmologist and science communicator.

Rosalind Picard

By: Wendy Jewell from The MY HERO Project

Rosalind Picard is internationally known as a leader in envisioning and creating innovative technology.

Albert Baez

By: Emma Navajas

Albert Baez was a prominent Mexican American physicist and pacifist.

Alice Catherine Evans

By: Jabari from Las Vegas

Andrea Mia Ghez

By: Jennifer Lauren Lee

Andrea Mia Ghez is an astrophysicist best known for her discoveries about the black hole at the center of our galaxy.

Archimedes of Syracuse

By: Joey from Greendale

Archimedes of Syracuse was an early Greek mathematician, astronomer and inventor.

Carlos Juan Finlay

By: Emma Navajas

Carlos Juan Finlay was a Cuban scientist who discovered the cause of yellow fever.

Cristina Diaz: Biologist

By: Sea Studios Foundation <h5>Permission to use this material was granted by th...

Cristina Diaz: Biologist studies intertidal and tropical sponges.

Dr. France Cordova

By: Barbara Field

Dr. France Cordova is a renowned astrophysicist who has broken gender and cultural barriers.

Rosalind Elsie Franklin

By: Tiffany from St. Clair

Edwin Hubble

By: Ailani from San Diego

Merieme Chadid

By: Rebecca Miller

Merieme Chadid is an astronomer from Morocco who did research at the South Pole.

Jack St. Clair Kilby

By: Edward Ortiz

Jack St. Clair Kilby was an electrical engineer and inventor and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. (11/8/1923)

George Washington Carver

By: Christian from Las Vegas

George Washington Carver was born an African American slave but became a renowned scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor.

Galileo Galilei

By: Patricia from Spokane

Galileo Galilei was an astronomer and inventor, the first to use a telescope to observe the stars and planets. (b. Feb 15, 1564)

Lene Vestergaard Hau

By: Nico from Mission Viejo

Lene Vestergaard Hau is a Danish physicist at Harvard who was able to stop a beam of light.

Gertrude B. Elion

By: Susannah Abbey

Gertrude B. Elion developed the AIDS drug, AZT.


Students are encouraged to write about their own Earth Keeper heroes to share with MY HERO through the Create Program. Students are able to record themselves reading their stories and submit the text and audio for publication.


Outstanding essays submitted to MY HERO will be considered for a certificate/t-shirt prize or be featured on the Story Homepage.

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