National Grandparents Day Lesson Plan

MY HERO encourages students to recognize and honor the contributions of their grandparents and older generations. Lesson plan includes discussion questions and learning outcomes. 

Grandparents Day Lesson
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Knitting with Grandma: 2023 MY HERO Robert Shetterly Portrait Contest  Student Winner

Knitting With Grandma

By: Annie Chen


Students are invited to share the story of their grandparents with MY HERO through stories, artwork, short films, or spoken word using the Create Program Digital Storytelling Tools. 

1. Interview one of your grandparents. Ask them to share stories, photograph albums, and mementos from when they were younger.

2. What did you learn about your grandparent(s) that you did not know before? Share that story with MY HERO?

3. Were any of your grandparents immigrants? Share their story.

4. Consider filming or recording an interview with one of your grandparents to share with MY HERO.

5. What is it about your grandparent that makes him or her special to you? What memories do you have of time spent together? Share your story through written word, film, song, or art with MY HERO.


Students watch some or all of the following films that feature heroes we admire--grandparents--and consider the suggested activities.

Handi and V - Grandparents Day
Credit: MY HERO

Under the Stars

With his parents’ break up at the forefront of his mind, a young boy seeks escape and someone to talk to. He seeks solace under the stars with a message for his Grandad, who doesn’t need to reply, but just to listen.  (6:10 minutes)

Feather Flowers

Producer: Meg and Lacey

A young woman talks to her hero, her grandmother, who tells her stories of her early life in Australia. (3:12 minutes)

Overnight Stay

Producer: Daniela Sherer

A grandmother's recollections of people who helped her as a Jew in Europe during the Holocaust - English subtitles (8:25 minutes)

After reading the following stories written by students about their grandparents, consider the discussion questions and activities. Students are encouraged to write a story about one of their grandparents to share with MY HERO through our create program. 

Parlui Valentina

By: Anastasia Raileanu

Parlui Valentina saved her two grandchildren from a house fire caused by a broken TV.

My Guardian Angel

By: Nika Jarc

Nika cut her hair when her grandmother was no longer alive to brush it tenderly.

Tatiana Mihalache

By: Lungu Nicoleta

Nicoleta's great grandmother, Tatiana Mihalache, was deported to Siberia during the Axis Invasion of the Soviet Union.

Great for ESL and EFL Students: The following story is available in text and audio so students can listen as they read along.

Paco, My Dyslexic Hero

By: Skye Malik

Leo "Paco" Corey and his granddaughter bond over their dyslexia. 

Students analyze the artwork below honoring grandparents and their heritage, then consider creating an original work of art or taking a photograph that tells a story about their grandparents and submit their artwork to the MY HERO Gallery. 

The Road Was Paved By Us

By: Michael Mahue Moore

In honor of my grand mom and grand daddy. These folks are the reason that I exist. I wanted to capture that warmth and the serenity that reminded me of my childhood.

On Prom Night I Danced With My Grandmother

By: Theresa Rosado

Most images I create are from memory of people I know around me. Memory forces me to move away from realism towards something truly of the artist's origin.

My Grandpa, Theodore Roosevelt Dexter

By: Lisa's brother, Mark Eagan

He was kind and gentle, funny and patient. He was an adventurer who was fearless and courageous.

Elementary classes

 Study the student drawings and collage below from our Gallery. Students are encouraged to create a picture of their own grandparent or a collage that represents their grandparents. They should include a sentence or paragraph about why their grandparent is a hero to them when submitting their original artwork to MY HERO.


By: Andrea from Glendale

She is the best grandma in the whole world!

My Grandmother, My Hero

By: Samantha

My grandmother, Ruth Hartz, is a Holocaust survivor and is my hero.

My Hero Abba

By: Ebrahim Ahmed Ansari - Grade 3C

To others my grandfather is just any other person in the world, but to me he is my star, my hero. I love my Abba. One day I WILL grow up to be a HERO like him.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed National Grandparents Day to be celebrated every year on the 1st Sunday after Labor Day. Below is part of President Carter's proclamation:

"We all know grandparents whose values transcend passing fads and pressures, and who possess the wisdom of distilled pain and joy. Because they are usually free to love and guide and befriend the young without having to take daily responsibility for them, they can often reach out past pride and fear of failure and close the space between generations."

Recommended Books honoring Grandparents 

Picture Books for Younger Students

Grandparents' Day

By: Pamela Traynor

A Day with Yayah

By: Nicola I. Campbell

Drawn Together

By: Minh Lê

Graphic Novel Recommended for Students 10 - 14 year old Students


By: Pedro Martín

Mexikid (Spanish Edition)

By: Pedro Martín

Learning Outcome

Students develop a deeper respect for their grandparents and challenges they may have faced. They will develop a better understanding of the contributions of previous generations.


Outstanding essays submitted to MY HERO will be considered for a certificate/t-shirt prize or be featured on the Story Homepage.

Submit your artwork to be entered in the MY HERO art contest or to be exhibited on our Gallery Homepage.



Laura Nietzer

The National Grandparents Day lesson plan was created by MY HERO Education Outreach Director Laura Nietzer.

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