Oseola McCarty

by Molly from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Oseola McCarty inspired many of us with her generous donation of $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi. While this may not have been the largest single donation the school ever received, what was unique was that she had saved the money over the course of her lifetime from her modest earnings ironing other people's clothes.

Ms. McCarty retired and had no family to inherit her nest egg so she debated how to put it to good use. Because she, herself, had dropped out of high school to take care of her family, she decided to give children of limited means the opportunity to go to college. Her donation will be used for scholarships.

To those students fortunate enough to receive this scholarship, Oseola McCarty is both a hero and an angel.

Osceola McCarty died Sept. 26, 1999 after a bout with cancer.

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Extra Info

HATTIESBURG, Miss. -- Oseola McCarty, the humble washerwoman who became USM's most famous benefactor, was buried in Hattiesburg Saturday, Oct. 2, 1999 following a celebration of her life at the Hattiesburg campus.

Persons who would like to contribute to the Oseola McCarty Scholarship Fund may send checks to:

Oseola McCarty Scholarship,
USM Foundation, Box 10026,
Hattiesburg, MS 39406.

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