Paul Stamets

by Tomas Llanos from Chicago, Illinois in United States

"Mushrooms are the interface organisms between life and death"

168439paul Stamets was born in Ohio, United States. Currently he is 68 years old and he graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. He dedicates his life to selling mushrooms and he is an author and advocate of medicinal fungi and mycoremediation.

 I consider him to be a hero because he is helping the environment by selling natural products and he also has this idea of how fungi can help save humanity from itself. He thinks that mushrooms are going to save the environment from humans and I think that if he keeps and he saves forests in Washington state to protect the mushrooms and how he protects the forest he will help the environment. 

I chose this hero because when I was looking at the other options he seemed to be the most wise out of all of the options, I think he can inspire other to take care of the environment because he protected forest and he advocated the protection of trees, forest and fungus, If there are no trees we all are going to die because we will not have air so I think he is a person that can inspire others. If I were to meet Paul Stamets, the question that I would ask him would be why does he like fungus so much and who inspired him to be a good person and take care of the environment.

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