Peace Dances in MY Soul

by Sarina Vaziri from Tehran in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Ruin the temple of sadness

dance with the wind

rain with the cloud 

Find the notes of love today

be proud of the purity of your soul

God, the author of this book adorns of every page

with hardness and ease

The pen of peace writes this page

The author gives you the ray of peace

Accept it and shine with sun

flow with water

Fly from the cage of your body

Grow the tree of your heart

so that its branches caress the hearts of others

Be the dew in the flowers of kindness

God will send the melody of your sorrows

to the birds to sing the song of joy

And problems fall like autumn leaves

Those leaves are doomed to death

this world will be yours

You rule the hills of miracles

you have peace within you         

Gandhi and Mandela will only be

a manifestation of you on the page of peace

Rise up and be a new revolution for humanity

In the end you will become an epic statue

Your heart does not beat only for you

We will call you a hero.            


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