A Closer Walk

by Samantha from New Jersey

God sent his son to die for all of our sins. He has also placed many strong believers on this Earth. I for sure am one of them, but it is strange to think that I know thousands more. I went to this event on the Wildwood beach and it was called A Closer Walk. This event is for teenage Christians to get together to worship and praise our God. There are so many teenagers that attend this event it truely fascinates me and gets me excited. We are not just Young Believers, we are also Leaders. We are spreading the word to get everyone to be a believer and to be as involved in these kinds of events as we can be! A Closer Walk was what really gave me a passion for God. The guest speaker my first and second years was Joel Johnson. He is part if something called "Acquire the Fire" When he spoke he talked on a real level. He explained everything he wanted to say ina relateable way. Joel Johnson also did a skit that Realy touched my heart, it wwas about how you can't..Walk The Line. This event has truely inspired me!

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