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christopher reeve

by Johnny from mississauga

christopher reeve's was great hero to me and alot of other people chirstopher reeve the peron who studied for pinal cord reasearch has died. his age was 52. Christopher reeve is my hero because was realy brave about being disabled.

chirs got went into cardiac arrest at his home in westchester county after having a systemic infection during treatment for a pressure wound. he went into a coma sunday afternoon and he died at a hospital close by at his house. he was very determined about walking one day after he was fallen of his horse. He accommplished his goals by walking one day on a very slow tredmill.

Dana reeve made a statement thanking alll the fans of chirstopher who have supported adn loved christopher. barbara johnson, on the television show said that he put with alot and she's glad that he's out of all those tubes.

Reev's debuted on broadway in 1978 in the play "a matter of gravity" and later starred in langfords wilson's work "fifth of july" playing a gay crippled vietam veteran

chris didn't allow a disability to determine how he lived his life. Chris wanted to set a goal that he thought was daunting but acually very helpful on walking. that is whst christopher reeve's told when he got interviewed. The family has requested that donations be made to the christopher Revves paralysis foundation. To me and millions and millions of people think that chris topher reeve is a great hero.

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