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Romero: A Life: The Essential Biography of a Modern Martyr and Christian Hero

By James R. Brockman

Publisher: Orbis Books, February 2005
ISBN: 9781570755996
MY HERO recommends this book to adult readers.
It is twenty-five years since Oscar Romero, the prophetic archbishop of San Salvador, was assassinated while celebrating Mass. In death he joined tens of thousands of his fellow Salvadorans, killed in the conflict that engulfed his small Central American nation. In the years since then, his reputation and significance have only grown. Today the very name Romero invokes the church's costly option for the poor, the gospel challenge to confront injustice, the Christian call to discipleship in a world of conflict, and a new face of holiness for our time. First published in 1989, James Brockman's biography remains the definitive portrait of the modern hero and martyr who became "a voice of the voiceless."
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