Ruth Bader Ginsburg

by Leo K. from Montvale, New Jersey in United States


130105Ruth Bader Ginsburg public domainThink of a famous hero that wears a black top and a pearl necklace. If you guessed Ruth Bader Ginsburg you are correct. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was very smart and become very successful. She is a strong and intelligent person and stands up for gender equality. I think that this is very heroic.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born in the year 1933. Her parents were Nathan Bader and Celia Amster. Her father’s occupation was a merchant. A merchant is somebody who trades goods like food. She was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Ruth’s religion is Jewish. She went to Harvard college. One time she was told that women are not as strong as men, but that didn’t stop her. After that, sadly, her mother died of cancer one day before Ruth’s graduation.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had so many great accomplishments. One of them is that Ruth spent her time fighting for women's rights. She did amazing in school. She became the second female justice and got appointed by Bill Clinton. Then got commissioned on August 5, 1993. Five days later she got sworn in. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a seat 7 justice.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a fighter for women's rights, and the second female Supreme Court Justice. She is still a fighter for gender equality at the age of eighty-five years old. Ruth Bader Ginsburg deserves the name of a hero.


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