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by Maria from St.Paul

Captured at the age of twelve, Sacajawea's contributions helped find the boundaries of America. Many years later, she is still a role model for many people.

Sacajawea belonged to the Shoshone tribe. She was the fastest horse-rider in her tribe. She was even faster than her brother (who became a Shoshone leader, though not as important as his father had been), though she didn't have much time to practice, because she was a girl, and girls had many responsibilities.

Sacajawea was translator and guide for Merriwether Lewis and William Clark, who later became known as the brave explorers Lewis and Clark. Not only did Sacajawea have to guide the group through the wilderness, she had a young baby to care for as well. She had to provide her infant child, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, or Pomp, with food, shelter, and medicine on the entire 4,000 mile journey. The trip took over six months!

Sacajawea is my hero because she showed that girls can do anything and she proved herself very tough by co-leading a 6-1/2 month, 4,000 mile journey and carrying her infant child along the way.

Here are some qoutations:
  • "I have come a long way, and I have not been allowed to explore the great water yet. Now you won't let me see this monstrous fish either. This is too hard." -Sacajawea
  • "Dog meat! I think I'll go back to eating candles." -William Clark
  • "I have been wet and cold in every part as I ever was in my life. Indeed, I was at one time fearful my feet would freeze in the thin moccasins I wore." -William Clark's Diary
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