Saviours of Mother Nature by Madhulika Manoharan

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This song is dedicated for the Saviours of Mother Nature.

This song was entirely written and sung by Madhulika Manoharan of Grade 5 at Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai, UAE

The Saviours of Mother Nature are the ones who keep the green planet clean. They sweat to keep our places neat and they face the wrath of each lifeless judgement. They are the hidden heroes whom the earth was waiting for. They are none other than the cleaners of our cosmos who sacrifice themselves for keeping us safe and drawing a smile on Mother Nature's face. 


They fix the Earth’s painful cracks,

Carrying the planet on their backs,

With each thought they shed sweat and blood,

Tearfully facing the wrath of each lifeless judge.

They, never for work, step behind,

They really are a spectacular kind,

The dust and mud don’t seem to compare,

When their heart tells them that they have other lives to care.

With sleepy eyes they come at night,

Cleaning Mother Nature when we are out of sight,

They never give allowance to a trash out of place,

They never detach that smile off their face.

When diseases spread and the world locks in,

Who do you think receives the job for somebody’s sin?

Like active machines they hear mother nature’s call,

Who do you think they are, standing brave and tall?

They are the champions, unseen warriors and SACRIFICE is what they chose,


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