My Hero: Sungju Lee


Sungju Lee

by Cody Martyn from Cochrane

¨You taught me that we can only give hope away. No one can take it. And you also taught me that hope is what makes us human that, and love¨


I chose Sungju Lee as my hero because he lived with almost nothing. It was a biography book. Every Falling Star is 336 pages long. It takes place from when he was ten to when he was sixteen. It was published September 13th, 2016 by Harry N. Abrams.

120063Sungju LeeCodySungju Lee in Every Falling Star comes from North Korea and China. He lived in the Pyongyang, North Korea for about ten years then on the streets for four years, then with his grandpa for eight months and then in China with his dad, Abeoji, until he was old enough to move out. Sungju Lee had a mom named Eomedni, a dad named Abeoji a grandpa, and a dog named Bo Cho. Sungju Lee liked Taekwondo, army men and war reenactments. One time Sungju Lee had to jump onto a moving train. Some people that influenced him as he grew up were his parents Abeoji and Eomedni, Young-Bum, Hyukchul, Chulho, Min-Gook, Sangchul and Unsik. When Sungju Lee was living on the streets, he dreamed of seeing his family. Sungju Lee wanted to be a general for the North Korean army but he did not get the chance. I did not notice any foreshadowing in Every Falling Star.

120065Sungju Lee stealingcodyThe thing that surprised me the most is that he lived on the streets for four years. If I could ask Sungju Lee three questions they would be how hard out of ten was it on the streets? What was the most difficult part of living on the streets? What helped you the most while you were on the streets? I would not want to be Sungju Lee´s child because he might not be the best dad because he did not really have a dad. I loved Every Falling Star because it was like an adventure book and it taught me that I don't need much to live. I don't think I can compare anything in this book to my life because I don't live on the streets. Some people might not like to read this book because it is very long or because they don't like sad books. I am happy I chose Sungju Lee because he could live on the streets for four years and that's what makes Sungju Lee so cool. After reading Every Falling Star I think Sungju Lee is a hero to me.   

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