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Susan B. Anthony: Champion of Women''s Rights (Childhood of Famous Americans Series.)

By Helen Albee Monsell

Publisher: Aladdin Library; (October 1986)
ISBN: 0020418000
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
Focuses on the childhood of a pioneer in the crusade for human rights, particularly those of women.
User Reviews:
Krista Rene Howard | 12/13/2016 11:48 AM
wow she is so awesome thanks!!!!!
lily lover | 9/19/2010 3:36 PM
i will make difference just like her
RawrChickk:)) | 2/1/2010 8:15 AM
I LOVEE Susan Brownell Anthony!!I Did A Report On Her!!!& I'm In 5th Grade:))
natalie | 11/2/2009 6:15 AM
I really liked Susan B. Anthonys charcter.  Susan really made a difference in peoples lives these days!!
susanb.anthonythankyou | 11/1/2007 9:26 AM
I am so amzed! i am s grateful!! that she stod up for all the women, girls, and ladies to be equal and fair to everyone else!!!!!
Maricarmen | 5/2/2007 11:08 AM
The book helped me realize how her childhood helped her become the kind of women that could fight against anything for women's rights.
savanna farwell | 3/7/2007 7:56 AM
she was a good person.
n/a | 2/11/2007 2:24 AM
i loved the book i had to do a report on it i justed loved it
angel | 7/12/2006 4:56 PM
its good
mikaela ehrke | 4/17/2006 12:00 AM
i thought that it was a good book about her childhood!!!
| 9/13/2005 8:51 AM

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