David Suzuki

by Jordan from Calgary

David (Internet)
David (Internet)

I chose David Suzuki because he had a hard childhood and he was able to construct a wonderful life. He was on The Greatest Canadian show. His shows are very interesting and so are his books. He is also my hero for the many ways he helps the environment.

David Suzuki was a Japanese Canadian in WWII. He had to go to a mining camp in British Columbia. He had to take a train to the mining camp. It was hard to live there. He lived there for about 8 years. When the war was over, all the Japanese Canadians were given a choice. They could go back to Japan or they could stay in Canada. David decided to stay.

David (Internet)
David (Internet)

David is an environmentalist. He lives in Vancouver and he has two children. He has written 30 books and is on nature shows. He was born in Vancouver in 1936. He graduated from Amherst. He is married to Dr. Tara Cullis. David helped promote the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement to help lower greenhouse gasses.

Did you know David has consistently received high acclaim for his thirty years of award-winning work in broadcasting, explaining the complications of science in an easily understood way? He is well-known to millions as the host of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's popular science television series, The Nature of Things.

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