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The Ducks Unlimited Charity group

by Samuel Randall from Burley, Idaho in United States

Ducks Unlimited

“A goal to fill the skies with waterflow today, tomorrow, and forever” (Dyer).This is what was imagined by hunters in 1930’s and they are working to reach this goal still today. The work is being done by not only hunters but conservationists too. The Ducks Unlimited conserves waterfowl and upland game birds through creating habitats and working with partners to raise awareness.

The Ducks Unlimited was founded in 1937 when there was a significant loss of waterfowl habitats. The Dust Bowl that was hurting many American lives was also destroying the habitats of many innocent waterfowl. Losing these important birds would be detrimental to the biodiversity of the entire ecosystem . If the population wouldn’t have started to go down, Ducks Unlimited would have not had to be created. The Ducks Unlimited was founded to restore and maintain the habitats of waterfowl to give a better home to those individuals who are in need of it. To help with the efforts, they created programs to spread the conservation of waterfowl across the country. There are 100s of studies by researchers being done to figure out the best way to build new habitats and what is best for the birds (Ducks).

Ducks Unlimited would not be able to do this all by themselves though so they ask the help of others. No matter what one does, teamwork is the best option to get something done. No one group can get everything done by themselves. Not a single group can do it alone, especially a task that spreads all across North America. A working team will be able to accomplish whatever they want to. The Ducks Unlimited is making land that was destroyed by natural or other human factors and making it into beneficial land to waterfowl. Taking some of these lands back to their original state of being. About 80% was stolen for agriculture purposes. After restoration is complete on this land it will be donated to a government agency that will take care of it for years to come (ducks). Ducks Unlimited makes the most of all of the donations they receive. For every 1 dollar donated 88 cents goes directly into making the wetlands better and the other 12 cents for administrative purposes. With the help from the government and other landowners they can stretch 2 million dollars into roughly 16 million dollars. For every 250 dollars 1 acre is saved for life (Dyer).

One of the major partners of Ducks Unlimited is Phillips 66. Phillips 66 has committed to donating every year. Their reasoning for this is the same wetlands that Ducks Unlimited is conserving also provides protection for the company’s infrastructure. Also it is giving opportunities for families and friends to go enjoy and explore the great outdoors. This is the reason that Ducks Unlimited can keep doing what they have been doing for 80 plus years, the donations of people that want to make a difference not just see it (Cooper). The Ducks Unlimited is doing more than just saving the waterfowl. All of the wetlands across America that Ducks Unlimited has been helping has also helped over 900 species that otherwise would not be doing very well  (Dyer). Ducks Unlimited is not just a charity for waterfowl they are a charity here to help the world.

Everyone, from this point on, needs to know that each and everyone needs to live each day knowing that they can do better tomorrow. Ducks Unlimited is a charity here for all of us. It does not matter if you hunt or if you do not hunt, that is a personal choice. It everybody’s responsibility to help all of the living creatures stay alive whether that is by donating money, time, or resources. There is a way to help. Waterfowl are being saved every day by the Ducks Unlimited because they are creating new from what has been destroyed. “Once the mall goes up the land is lost” (Dyer). So take care of the land before you lose it.


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