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The Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Movement

By Susan Ferriss, Ricardo Sandoval, Diana Hembree (Editor)

Publisher: Harvest Books; (April 1998)
ISBN: 0156005980
MY HERO recommends this book to adult readers.
From the Publisher
Cesar Chavez's life and work transformed American society, and his name is synonymous with the struggle of farmworkers for dignity and justice. The Fight in the Fields tells the dramatic story of Chavez and the United Farmworkers Movement in words and powerful photographs, with guest essays by Carey McWilliams, Victor Villasenor, Alfredo Vea, Jr., Peter Matthiessen, Rudolfo Anaya, and others.
User Reviews:
William Chavez | 2/10/2011 7:03 AM
Ese hombre era un senor de honor. en pas descanse my idilo
| 11/17/2010 2:17 PM
He is a great man.He helped a lot of people.
Isabel | 10/16/2009 1:28 AM
He fought for the rights de los mexicanos and their freedom.
diana | 2/3/2009 10:41 AM
i love his storys i even go 2 his school Cesar Chavez
jose | 3/26/2008 2:50 AM
its good
Pato | 2/14/2006 1:17 AM
He was a great man and he did what he thought was right
Damian | 6/3/2004 1:10 AM
He was a person who tried to help the people. He was very good.

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