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The Making of an Activist

By Lekha Singh and Friends

Publisher: Free the Children
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
Warning: this book will change you. Two hundred pages of powerful images and inspiring words. Vivid photos, travelogues, poems, news clippings and children’s sparkling artwork. The Making of an Activist guides you on a journey of positive world change and paints an intimate portrait of the young activists of Free The Children. From founder Craig Kielburger’s first journey to India at age 12, to a group of elementary students who collected pennies and sold freezies to build a school in Haiti, The Making of an Activist is a kaleidoscope of colours celebrating Free The Children’s remarkable achievements and passionate young change-makers. Explore the book. Catch the spark.
User Reviews:
Angel O'Connel | 12/10/2007 7:05 AM
Hi dear friends!

   Just to let you know 'The Making of an Activist' is probably not the easiest book to find so you may have to search for it. I have a link that you can purchase this book from. The site is the famous Craig Kielburger's FTC(Free The Children) site.(Craig is a human right activist himself, fighting for freedom from child labour.) So here it is:

P.S--Also, if you're interested, there are also many other books you can buy there like 'Me to We' by Craig and Marc Kielburger, a New York Times bestseller!

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