The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Poetry Award 2022

“A heartsong doesn’t have to be a song. It can be your message, your feeling—some people might even call it a conscience. Even though that’s not really what it is. It’s what you feel you need to do.” - Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Mattie Contest
Credit: MY HERO


Mattie Stepanek

By: Debbie Milam

Music - Adult

I Love You In The Morning

Produced by:Edited by Martyn Chalk

Daddy Will You Hold My Hand?

Produced by:Paul McClure

It's Heroic To Be Human 🎵✨💖

I dedicate this song entry to my hero, Mattie JT Stepanek.

Poetry - Adult

Transparency and Purity - A Poem by Odile Dewar

By: Odile Dewar

Three Poems from Cheikh Darou Seck

By: Cheikh Darou Seck

Quang Hue Chau

By: Hanh Chau

Tentative Steps Toward a Poem

By: Asya Rachitsky

High School

Africa by Deguene Ndiaye
By: Deguene Ndiaye
Porquoi by Abdoul Lahad Seck
By: Abdoul Lahad Seck

To the valiant Japanese-American soldiers of the 442nd Regiment, this poem is for you

By: Lance Young

Valentina Tereshkova
By: Zakirah Jabarulla

To the unknown artists who remind us of our humanity, tie ribbons around bombs of truth, and create sanctuaries of tranquility amidst storms--this poem honors your path.

By: Lauren Young
Yeonmi Park
By: Ashley Tsai
By: Lenna Choi
Desmond Tutu
By: Isaac Mackinnon
overlooked heroes
By: Hannah Wilcox
Sebastian Vettel
By: Alex Tradewell
Abraham Nickin
By: Michel Nickin
David Attenborough
By: Tara Slattery
john heycock
By: christian Blythin
By: harry cryer
Dolly Parton
By: Hope Boud-Self
My Hero
By: Liz Orvis


By: Diane Kang

Middle School Entries

See People

By: Qadan Johnson
A Great Hero
By: Chiara Reedha
True Heroes
By: Regina Cordero
Enviroment issues
By: Clay Hibbitt


By: Mohameth Niane

La vie

By: Mohameth Niane
By: Mohameth Niane
By: Khady GUEYE
By: Nathan Harper
nelson mandella
By: William Rodgers
Martin Luther King
By: Harry Hare
sir David Attenborough
By: Finley Withers
John Luther the King
By: Hollie Latham
Emmeline Pankhurst
By: Marni Lennard

Joy and Happiness

By: S. Jackson
By: Sophie Dexter


By: Tyra


By: Sydney Hollis
barbra anne
By: Eva Firth
By: brendan hall
My younger sister ♡
By: Jennifer Pitcher
my dad
By: Marni Lennard
Dear Mum
By: Matilda Shuttleworth
Martin Luther King
By: Mollie Garley
By: Karol Mazur
monkey D luffy
By: zachary bouldin
Phoebe my Golden Labrador
By: Amer-Marie Smith
By: zachary bouldin

Middle School Film

The Poet

Cheikh Darou Seck
Mohameth Niane, from Senegal, shares his poem about the need to respect women and stop violence against them. Others chime in on his poetry.

Elementary School

We Are A World of Children

By: First Grade Scholars at Furlow Charter School

My Dad

By: Estanaya

Chicago Bulls

By: Clara

Remember to Play

By: Mattie Cheek

See the 2021 winners by clicking the image below:

Mattie J.T. Stepanek Poetry Contest Winners Spring 2021

By: Shannon Luders-Manuel
Congratulations to the winners ofthe Spring 2021 Mattie J.T. Stepanek Poetry Contest!

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