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The Rage and the Pride

By Oriana Fallaci

Publisher: Rizzoli, August 2002
ISBN: 0847825043
MY HERO recommends this book to adult readers.
Oriana Fallaci faces the themes unchained by the Islamic terrorism: the contrast and, in her opinion, incompatibility between the Islamic world and the Western world; the global reality of the Jihad and the lack of response, the lenience of the West. With her brutal sincerity she hurls pitiless accusations, vehement invectives, and denounces the uncomfortable truths that all of us know but never dare to express. With her rigorous logic, lucidity of mind, she defends our culture and blames what she calls our blindness, our deafness, our masochism, the conformism and the arrogance of the Politically Correct. With the poetry of a prophet like a modern Cassandra she says it in the form of a letter addressed to all of us.
User Reviews:
Tatjana | 1/1/2009 11:39 AM
A great book! Impecable, truthful reasoning. I have too experienced on my own skin the truths about islam and jihad and couldn't agree more. God bless Oriana and others who care to overcome the arrogance of the Politically Correct approach
carolinebarbara | 7/26/2007 9:11 AM
the danger and evil of islam l have experienced on my own skin at the age of 16 simply by falling in love in muslim immigrant. GOD bless Oriana and others who care
Hajni | 7/4/2006 6:46 PM
More people should speak out the truth about the real face of islam. Leaders, politicians had better face this danger. Oriana Fallaci is really brave to do it. We should follow her example. GOD bless her!
Mihael | 11/30/2005 10:26 PM
It is a great book. Anyone who questions the real danger of islam fundamentalism, should read it.

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