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Argonauts 2003

These role models and community heroes are just five of the many Student Argonauts that are helping to make a difference in the environment.

Kyeisha Philpot is an eighth-grader who is interested in marine biology, and how exotic animals adapt to their surroundings. Kyeisha has volunteered at her local SPCA animal shelter, and likes to run and play soccer.

Tano Cobugas is in the seventh grade, but his love for marine biology began when he was only six years old. Tano wants to learn more about the ocean, having learned as a member of the Barbareno Chumash of Santa Barbara that the ocean teaches us how to live in balance. He has volunteered at his local sea center and is a Junior Head Dancer for traditional Aztec and Filipino dances.

Angelina Violante is a ninth-grader whose passions lies in chemistry and astronomy. Besides teaching classes on astronomy and learning about the constellations and planets, Angelina is a part of the Earth Club and the National Junior Honor Society.

Jesus Bortoni is in the eighth grade at the Latin American School of Monterrey, where he is president of the student council in his class and a member of the Student Board Council of the State of Nuevo Leon. He has traveled to several countries, including Finland, Barbados, and Honduras. Jesus is especially interested in zoology.

Dani Torcolacci, a tenth-grader, is fascinated with studying ecosystems, particularly marine systems that have been damaged and revived. Dani enjoys hands-on science experiences, including being involved in a chemistry focus group at the University of Michigan's Woman in Science Engineering Camp and summer camp at the Acadia Institute of Oceanography in Maine. She is captain of the gymnastics team and a peer mediator at school.

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This group of exceptional students was selected to take part in the Jason Project IV expedition from Shore to Sea. MY HERO staff had the opportunity to meet these students and discuss with them their vision of the future and the need to understand and preserve our oceans.