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An introduction to Using MY HERO free art education resources for Elementary, Middle, and High School Classes. Student artists are invited to submit their artwork to MY HERO for publication.

Art Resources and Lessons
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Students Are Invited to Participate: All Ages Are Welcome

Poster Contest 10/15
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Portrait Contest 10/15
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Overview of the MY HERO Art Gallery

Our gallery features artworks dedicated to the theme of heroism. All of our art programs and content are curated to exhibit professional and student art and to reflect the unique traits of heroes from all walks of life.

Overview of MY HERO Art Gallery


The Gallery features professional and student hero art that illustrates individuals and messages of hope and inspiration.Artists from around the world have contributed their unique vision of heroism to express their gratitude and their admiration for their heroes and the courageous acts they have performed to address society's most pressing issues. Accessing the images in the Gallery to elaborate on the themes of heroism and to inspire the creation of new hero art are two examples of how MY HERO can be utilized in the classroom. Watch these two short videos to provide for more information from the MY HERO Gallery Director.  


Meet Our Mentor - Victoria Murphy

The MY HERO Project
Victoria Murphy explains her vision and passion for using Art to tell inspiring HERO stories.

Visualize Heroism - the MY HERO Teacher Training Video

Produced by:MY HERO

Learn about MY HERO's online art gallery.

Lesson Plans 

The Elements of Art

By: Giselle Villatoro
The goal is to demonstrate how artists use the elements of art (line, shape, form, color, texture) in different ways within a work of art. Emerging artists will respond to art criticism questions as well as analyze art by carefully identifying the elements of art within an artwork. The works of art include paintings, digital imagery, sculpture, and collage by both student and professional artists.

How to Draw Your Hero and Create a Portfolio

By: Laura Nietzer
Artist St. George shares how he creates his artwork with time-lapsed films and creates a portfolio of his artwork published on the MY HERO website

Studying MY HERO Portraits in the Classroom to Inspire New Student Art

By: victoria murphy

This Selection of four artists' Hero portraits creates an art lesson for High School classes to teach and inspire different approaches to representing heroes by the participating student artists.

Visual Artists inspired by Jazz

By: Giselle Villatoro
Artist often derive inspiration from various media. These are a couple painters who were inspired by Jazz.

Artists share their unique vision of heroism on the MY HERO Gallery

By: victoria murphy
View original artworks by professional and student artists that successfully illustrate the lives and courageous acts of heroes who promote change by positively affecting others and their communities.

Study Portraits of Heroes Submitted by Global Artists

Robert Shetterly

Produced by:The MY HERO Project
Artist, Robert Shetterly discusses his series, americans who tell the truth

Student and professional original hero art from the MY HERO Gallery

By: victoria murphy
Share your vision of heroism with our global online audience

Use Art Resources to Inspire Eco Heroism, Courage and Peace

Artists for Peace

By: victoria murphy
Artists Creating Universal Images to Promote Peace

20 Years of Peace Pals International Celebrating May Peace Prevail On Earth with Children All Around the Globe

By: Jun Kelly
Celebrating Peace Pals International Student Artists, Ambassadors of Peace
Peace Pals
Credit: MY HERO

Study and Analyze Hero Portraits 

Hero Portraits that honor family members from the Gallery

By: victoria murphy
Students of all ages and professional artists illustrate mothers, fathers, grandparents, and siblings in loving portraits Use these images for Elementary School students to understand how to illustrate their family heroes

Portraits of Heroes

By: victoria murphy
View thes faces and study how each artist presents his/her chosen hero. Ask each student to pick two portraits that resonate with them, identify the sitter and then discuss their hero traits in the classroom

Artist Heroes

Robert Shetterly

By: David Kemker
Robert Shetterly paints portraits of Americans who have acted with courage to do the right thing.


By: Victoria from Laguna Beach
Guernica Picasso's work of art evokes peace worldwide.

Peace Pals International - Youth Ambassadors of Peace guided by Jules Lamore

By: victoria murphy

Lily Yeh finds beauty in broken places

By: Natalie Pompilio<br> Yes! Magazine <br> <h5>Permission to use this material<...
Lily Yeh of the Barefoot Artists project helps heal war-torn, broken, and economically devastated communities through art.

How to Use the Create Program to Upload Original Artwork Tutorial

Using the Create Program to Submit Artwork Tutoria
Credit: MY HERO

For Additional Resources and Lesson Plans, Go to the MY HERO Lesson Plan Center

Lesson Plan Center
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View the Gallery and Create an Original Art Webpage

MY HERO Art Gallery
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Create an Art Page
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How to upload your art to a webpage. 

Gallery Tutorial
Credit: MY HERO

Learn about the MY HERO Gallery and upload your inspiring hero art.

MY HERO Gallery Flyer
Credit: MY HERO

A lesson plan by the Gallery Director with suggestions for how to inspire students to study and make hero art. 

Teacher's Guide to Using MY HERO Virtual Art Gallery
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