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When Justice Failed: The Fred Korematsu Story

By Steven A. Chin

Publisher: Steck-Vaughn, January 1993
ISBN: 0811480763
MY HERO recommends this book to young adult readers.
After the Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the United States and Japan are at war. For over one hundred thousand Japanese Americans, the war brings special tragedy. One and all, they are rounded up by the United States Army and imprisoned in internment camps. Fred Korematsu challenges his arrest and the treatment of Japanese Americans during the war.
User Reviews:
maryy | 1/15/2009 9:39 AM
after i read this book it made me think back in what is was like bak in da olden days when i was never born it was horrible for many japanese friends and familys
Geo | 10/4/2008 9:35 AM
i think what fred did was inspiring, alot of japanese should have followed his footsteps.
sterleing | 1/23/2008 7:38 AM
this is so interesting and very cachty
josh | 8/23/2007 5:54 AM
what i read in this book so far is really good
nichol | 6/6/2007 7:12 AM
I really enjoyed this book. I had to do a ten page book report on it with my two friends and i am in the sixth grade. I really think that book was not too bad to read considering that it was for school.
Amanda | 8/26/2006 8:44 AM
I felt so much for Fred while I was reading this book. It touched my heart in many different ways. One person can change the world, and Fred is proof of that. May his soul rest in peace.

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