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Pat Prescott

Interview with Pat Prescott, Radio Personality


We caught up with radio personality Pat Prescott on the red carpet of the Alliance for Women in Media Southern California’s 57th Annual Genii Awards. Pat was presented with the Excellence in Radio Award by Talaya Trigueros from Los Angeles radio station 94.7FM The Wave. Pat is the host of the morning show.

WTM: Congratulations on being honored. How are you feeling?

PP:  I am thrilled to be accepting the Genii Award for Excellence in Radio tonight.

WTM: Can you tell us about a hero of yours?

PP: One of my biggest radio heroes is Vy Higginsen, who was a longtime staple at WBLS, in New York, and who also gave me the opportunity to work on an amazing stage play called “Mamma I Want to Sing.” She was one of the first women I ever heard on the radio. Later for us to become friends and for her to mentor me has meant a lot. One of the things I learned from Vy was the importance of being involved in the community, first of all, and then secondly, of really extending yourself and trying to explore all the talent that you have. Doing more than just being on the radio.

As far as the women I work with today (and there are so many of them who are incredibly talented), Talaya Trigueros–who does the mid-day shift on The Wave, who’s also a former recipient of the Genii Awards, and who’s going to be presenting me tonight. She’s become one of my dearest friends and she’s just someone who I admire and respect so very much. The sisterhood that we have is really unbelievable.

WTM: What do you think about the state of women in the media?

PP: Women need to be united. The Alliance for Women in Media is such an important organization that gives us so many great networking opportunities…and also gives us a chance to really get together and formulate strategies for improving our position in the media.

WTM: Congratulations to you!

PP: Thank you.


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