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My choice was a poem to express my grandma (yaya) she recently passed away and she was a huge influence on mine and my families life. I feel not having her here with us is a part of a world change for me and the other people who was involved in her life.




This poem is for my yaya, So I can thank her And recognize all the excellent Support that she gave to family and friends.

She has always been there To support me and my family When we needed her.

She was very delightful and caring. She never gave up on anyone. She always wanted to help in any way that she could.

She was such a hard worker. She never felt like she did enough. She would work on the weekends in her free time.

She could never just watch others work Or do things for her. She would always stand up and try to help.

She ended up working until she passed away. Some of her final words were asking if she balanced talking about her job.

My yaya was very influential for my family. Especially to her daughters and her grand kids. Passing down the value of hard work and never giving up.

I'm very thankful for the way that she taught us. I will carry her values with me always even when time's get hard. 



Life is shorter then you can imagine so please remember to value your loved ones and keep them close for you never know when it's going to be they're time when the creator comes to call them home. Most times we go unprepared for them moments. 


by Tayem Edmo - Middle School - from Ronan, Montana in United States

Love you 4 Ever & Always

R.I.P yaya 

Grandma Charlotte Wheeler


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