Привіт! Ми з УКнаїни! | Hello! We are from Ukraine!

Directed by: Olexandr Tkachenko | Produced by: Ирина Клименко | Starring: Year 9 Students | 2022 | Ukraine



We are from Ukraine.
 Today I want to tell you about Ukrainians. In my project, I talked about the courageous defenders of the Donetsk airport, comparing them with 300 Spartans. At the time when I was working on the project, there was relative peace in Ukraine. Yes, Crimea and Donbas were occupied, but cities and villages were not shelled... Everything changed on February 24. Hundreds of tons of deadly metal fell on the heads of Ukrainians. Hundreds of children died from shelling, were orphaned, raped and maimed. Thousands of innocent peaceful Ukrainians have changed their reality: life - death, peace - war...