2020 Media Arts Educator Award

Production Company: TEDx Talks | Short | 2013 | USA | 14:28



The MY HERO Project honors Actuality Abroad (Aubrie and Robin Canfield) at the 2020 MY HERO International Film Festival. 

Actuality Abroad was founded in 2010 as Actuality Media LLC by (life and business partners) Aubrie Canfield and Robin Canfield. We have been operating education abroad programs for ten years, with a focus on teaching nonfiction storytelling and documentary production on each of the programs. 

Actuality Abroad creates educational travel experiences by collaborating with the communities we visit. We design collective learning programs for independent travelers, families and groups to engage in uncommon and ongoing education abroad.

The real learning comes from opened minds, shifts in perspective, grappling with inequity and understanding our place in it. Our learning communities enable travelers to gain understanding through experience. Those who travel with us seek both personal and professional growth and are willing to risk a little discomfort along the way.

On every trip we learn from local changemakers. We seek out the brilliant, the daring, the experts and the leaders that are investing positive energy in their own communities all over the world. Listening to their stories, studying their work and practicing by their side, we too become inspired to do better.

MANTRA: Lead educational travel experiences inspired by changemakers.

PURPOSE: Widen the circle of conscious travelers who never stop learning.

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