2021 WOJ Youth Reporter Awards

Produced by: The MY HERO Project | 2021 | USA | 18:36



The 2021 MY HERO International Film Festival is proud to announce the WOJ Youth Reporter Virtual Award presented by Tract to the following films:

High School Creative - "As An Asthmatic" By: Alayna DeGraef, Elise DeGraef, and Bailey Revering | In-Progress | USA A video short about the impact of vaping on youth. View the full film at:

High School Documentary - "TRANSPARENCY: Becoming Oliver" By: Tessa Grace Morell | James Wood High School | USA Experimental short film made to visually accompany the original poem "Becoming Oliver" written by Oliver Marino. youth. View the full film at:

Middle School Documentary - "Thank a Hero: Maurice Hilleman" By: Jasmine Blossom Martoglio, Aurelia Sunshine Martoglio | Batchelor Middle School | USA This is a documentary about an unsung hero named Maurice Hilleman who created an amazing amount of vaccines, and made it possible for modern vaccines to work. View the full film at:

The WOJ Youth Reporter Award invites youth reporters to create short films on heroes making a positive difference in their community and the world. This award is presented by Tract in honor of its co-founder Esther Wojcicki, an outstanding media arts educator, author and reporter.