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How can we use the Internet as a Tool for Peace and Hope?

At this time of conflict we need to think how we can use the Internet to create hope and peace in our world. The My Hero Project is working with Childnet International, a non-profit organization based in London, England, to collect statements, pictures, poems and stories from children about what they love about the Internet and their dreams for how it could be used for good. Your comments will be entered in the My Hero Forum and will also be made available to Childnet Internatinal. With these comments, Childnet International will make a poster that will inspire other children.

We appreciate your taking the time to reflect on this important question.

Thousands of visitors from around the world have shared their hero stories online at My Hero. Children, teachers and parents honor those who work for peace, for freedom, and the environment. Some heroes have saved lives, others have helped their family or made a contribution to the arts and sciences. Over and over again, we re-discover our potential to make a difference, to have a positive effect on the world.

The Internet moves information across borders, across time zones, connecting people all over the world. Now more than ever we must decide how this, our newest and most powerful communication tool, can help us achieve peace and hope for the future.

From all parts of the world, from all faiths, we hope that each one of you will consider our new ability to connect with words, images and sounds.

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