George Schaller

Author Michael Crichton
Author Michael Crichton

You may recognize the author of Jurassic Park, MICHAEL CRICHTON. His hero is George Schaller, a man who's usually thought of as the greatest naturalist of the 20th century. George Schaller has been all over the world studying animals. He's written hundreds of magazine articles, and dozens of books, all about animals and why they do the things they do.

Conservationist George Schaller
Conservationist George Schaller

George Schaller: "My interest in wildlife began early and I don't know how early because it's the only thing I've ever been interested in. I've always had a certain curiosity, a certain wonder about the natural world. I like to be outdoors. A love of animals and a love of outdoors is the principal thing. You have to have emotional involvement in what you do."


"There's room for everybody from butterfly fanatic to environmental lawyer. Virtually any profession has some environmental aspect. But, I think above all you need knowledge, you need to learn, you need to speak up for the environment. Stand up and shout on behalf of the planet and people will listen."

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