Mr. Lincoln's Attic I: Do Objects Talk?

by Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Written By
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Grade Level
5-8, 9-12+

Arts - Media, English/Language Arts, Social Studies

For this plan, consider using the MY HERO Gallery to upload students "artifacts" with their descriptions. You may then use the MY HERO Tool in the Teacher's area to put together a gallery of your student's pieces.

Artifacts can tell us stories about our past.  The story behind the artifact can tell us about the people who used it and the society in which they lived.  Who owned this item?  Who used this item?  Who made this item?  Questions like these can help us understand the past. 

In this lesson students learn to analyze an artifact.  They will identify an object from their own lives which tells a story about  their own past.  They will take on the role of the exhibit professional in putting together an exhibit.  First, the student will  arrange a loan agreement with their family members to bring the object to school.  They will coordinate the safe handling of  the artifact in transit to their classroom.  They will determine how the artifact will be displayed in a class museum.  They will create an exhibit label to explain their artifact and its story.  Finally, they will publicize their exhibit, open it to visitors and assist in interpreting their display.