A Second Family

Directed by: Ramón Sánchez Orense & Susanne Maria Krauss | Produced by: Susanne Maria Krauss | Documentary | 2019 | Congo, the Democratic Republic of the | 7:33



PASSWORD: basket

Goma, DR Congo. A few years ago, Amina’s mother couldn’t afford a “normal“ school for her only daughter. So, she took her to a school for deaf children even though Amina could hear perfectly well. That day, Amina’s life changed forever.

Amina learned sign language. A few years later, in 2018, she started to coach Goma’s first basketball team of deaf people.

They train everyday, very hard. They dream big. One day, they wish to participate in international competitions. This film tells the story of Amina and her team: a group of young people for whom basketball is an escape route from the “noise” of the city of Goma, the third largest city in DR Congo.

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