An Education

Directed by: Rukayah Oluronbi | Documentary | 2016 | USA | 10:30



What is it like to be a person of color at a primarily white institution? “An Education” is a short doc that takes a glimpse at the experience of four young college students attending university in the deep south of North Carolina. Listen as Mariah Barber, Domonique Wilkins, Vishnu Jay Bhaskar and Eliza Monroe recount their experiences as students of color at East Carolina University.

Recently, college campuses have been hot spots for racial issues, being dubbed the Civil-Rights Battleground. Although riots and protests are televised, daily instances of prejudice on college campuses are repeatedly unnoticed. Are colleges doing enough to ensure that their minority students are heard and are afforded equal opportunities?

College is a learning experience not just academically but in all life aspects. The way it mirrors reality presents the ugly truth that minority students learn quickly, we do not live in a post-racial society and the color of your skin affects every part of your life.

While the experiences of every student varies, there is a universal barrier that every student of color faces. How can young minorities bridge the gap between themselves, their peers, and their institution? More importantly, is it their responsibility to do so?