Music Video

Beta Radio - On The Frame (A Family History)

Directed by: Evan Vetter & Parrish Stikeleather | Documentary | 2017 | USA | 5:37



Many families often mark the passage of time by drawing lines on a door frame to measure their children’s growth. For Ben Mabry, this tradition stretches back over forty years as three generations of his family left their “mark” on a single wall in his grandfather’s house. For Ben’s band, an empty room in the home had served as their recording studio, and this special door frame, the inspiration for their song “On The Frame.” However, when the home is sold, the band must move on and Ben must confront the loss of this unique piece of family history in this hybrid documentary / music video that explores the nostalgia of the places we inhabit and the influence they have on the art we create.

Song: "On The Frame" from the record Colony of Bees by Beta Radio (