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by Jeffrey Chen from San Diego, California in United States

Bill Gates: Building an Empire by Jeffrey Chen

No one has ever made a difference in the world by being the same as everyone else, nor will anyone in the distant future. In modern society, a hero is someone who works for the greater good. A hero must be someone who pioneers in a subject where no other is willing to venture into the unknown and be willing to create a positive difference in our society. A hero is able to do something out of the ordinary, and accomplish something significant in society. A hero is able to achieve this with perseverance and compassion. These traits help shape the future with inventions and benefit others in need. Modern heroes apply their positive traits to help others. A hero takes the knowledge and powers he possess and serves others so they may succeed as well.

135004Bill GatesDFID - UK Department for International Development [CC BY 2.0 (]

One example of a figure who perseveres and is compassionate towards others is Bill Gates. Bill Gates grew up in Seattle, Washington with his mother, father, and two sisters. He was bit by an interest for technology at a young age. His work with computers were limited in his early life due to their scarcity. When Gates was thirteen, he wrote his first computer program. Later, Gates enrolled in Harvard University, only to drop out in his senior year to pursue his passion in technology. His company would focus on developing software, making computers cheaper and smaller, something other companies had not thought of. From there, he turned his business into an empire and Gates grew to become the richest man in the world. Gates has since retired from his company and is now pursuing a role as a philanthropist. A hero must have the necessity for improvement and care about the world around him. Gates maintains the status of being a hero with both perseverance and compassion by creating convenience and ease in other people’s lives.

132270Bill Gates visits The Department of Energy on October 8, 2013ENERGY.GOV [Public domain]

Bill Gates wasn’t able to be a follower, he pursued his passion and created his own company. Starting from a young age, Bill Gates nurtured an interest for technology. His desire for improvement drove his company to success: “Gates's competitive drive and fierce desire to win made him a powerful force in business” (Encyclopedia of World Biography, paragraph 9). He persevered for the advancement and success of his company and development of computers. Even after he built his successful business, Bill continued to persevere for better results. His company started generating low quality computers when it first went public in 1986. However, he has created an abundance of software since, each performing better than the last. The new gadgets Microsoft produces, such as processors for our computers, allows people to do tasks faster and simpler. Gates is only able to achieve this through years of perseverance and consistent improvement. Gates continues to apply his perseverance to his business. In the interview, Gates elaborates on his personal values: “So you see the positive results, but you always want to do even better.”(Bill Gates). Gates is always looking for improvement as he continues to build his empire. Gates and his company lead the world in technology, both present and future. His accomplishments would allow everyone to have a computer sit on their desk, something now necessary in daily life. Bill Gates’ perseverance lead him to his fame and wealth, and has continued to provide the public with advanced technology.

135741Melinda and Bill Gates enjoy a moment with women of the village of Jamsaut in India in 2011.Prashant Panjiar/Courtesy of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Furthermore, Bill Gates demonstrates compassion for others with his philanthropy. His foundation provides for the poor and the maleducated: “He and his wife Melinda established the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which focused on helping to improve health care and education for children around the world” (Encyclopedia of World Biography,Paragraph 15). Bill Gates has changed his focus from earning more money to helping others. His success earned him a social position for him to make a large impact of others. Instead of living a self-centered and greedy life, Bill Gates decides to distribute his wealth to the poor. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is how Gates would disseminate his money to the poor. “By 2004, Gates and his wife had endowed more than $21 billion to philanthropic causes” (Baughman, paragraph ). Gates uses his social status to create a large impact on others. Instead of using his money for himself, he donates billions and billions of dollars to the ones who have nothing. He supports those who cannot support themselves. His money provides care and education for those in Africa who desperately need it, but cannot afford it.. Gates makes sure his money makes a difference in the world. Bill Gates serves our modern society through acts of compassion towards the ones in need.

Bill Gates has revolutionized our society with his perseverance and compassion. Gates is able to enhance technology and create ease in our daily lives. His software design minimized the cost and size of computers greatly, making them more accessible to more people around the world. Gates has also benefited the welfare of others. His foundation’s goal is to provide an education for all kids in America, and improve health for families in Africa. Gates has made a significant impact on my life. The technology he offers society allows me to do homework digitally, watch movies, create digital art, and his technology has kept my life organized. His perseverance allowed him to keep making improvement and even better software. His actions inspiresme to achieve great accomplishments alswell. I’ve pushed myself harder and harder to reach my goals and build something of my own. Similar to Gates, my accomplishments such as fixing my own phone screen or placing first in a competition were only made possible through commitment and perseverance. I am able to transfer my knowledge and help others. He reminds me that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and chase down your dreams. Gates suggested new ideas on how to improve technology at a time when everyone else had a different idea. He became a pioneer in technology. His individual ideas and thoughts brought him the success and fame he has achieved. By being different, he was able to accomplish what others could not. With his innovations and philanthropy, Bill Gates demonstrates true heroism.

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