Binding Adventures

Directed by: Mikylah Spangenberg | Production Company: The Animation School (PTY) LTD | Animation | 2019 | South Africa | 4:05



June and Timothy Watts are late for their train. June starts reading a book as Tim continues playing on his gameboy. The gameboy dies leaving Tim bored. Something catches his eye. He sees a paper frog. The frog hops across the floor. Tim eagerly investigates. Tim turns to get his sisters attention only to find a few fish swimming out of the book. Tim gets curious and tries to read the book but his sister keeps trying to pull her book away. Frustrated, he grabs the book and pulls. They tug of war for it, a paper claw slashes out. Tim falls over in fright, ripping the book in half. June angrily walks away. Tim realizes his mistake and fixes the book.Together they read. 

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