Directed by: Purnima Ghogar | Produced by: Purnima Creations:
Choose to Challenge
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Choose to Challenge

Directed by: Purnima Ghogar | Produced by: Purnima Creations: | 2021 | Australia



This spoken word is in dedication to International Women's Day 2021. The theme for 2021 was #ChooseToChallenge. Choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievement and challenge gender bias and gender inequality to create an inclusive world.

mirror mirror

on the wall,

i don't need to be

the fairest of all -

but just to all the women

that came before and formed me,

for they fought for a glimpse

in the looking glass and

forged space for us daughters

to rise so we could see

our own reflections grow

between each sunrise to moonlight


and when i look at myself now,

i see courage

birthed from her pain,

immeasurable love

nurtured from loss,

wisdom found

from being lost -

a woman borne from her

life's stages and ages...

and the longer i gaze 

into her eyes, 

the more her face


mothers, daughters, sisters

that i knew, know and am

yet to meet -


you see, this mirror holds our collective resilience

more than our 

individual vulnerabilities -

its fragility doesn't define our breakability,

but projects us

as rarities - 

faces full of the force of



shatterproof faces

like porcelain,

i’m carved with shards of glass

that do not bleed

but seeps into the waterways 

under my skin;

they hold centuries of women’s 

stories untold – 

and when provoked,

we unfold, undo, unweave

the challenges beset upon us

so that the only challenges

in front of us are the ones 

we set ourselves –

to be bolder, 



than ever before,

so that the only thing that could ever

shatter is the mirror 

from the thundering choir of our voices

challenging you

to look at yourself




choose to challenge


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