Dance With Me

Directed by: Gabriel Diamond | Short | USA | 5:25



For years I’ve had a crazy idea in my head, and I was always afraid to do it… until I finally did it. Two years ago.

The premise is that I would put on a blindfold and stand in a public place with a sign that says “Dance with me?”

It was an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone.
I wanted to test out my belief that people are good, that despite being vulnerable, I would be safe. I wanted to test myself, was I really willing to dance with anyone, whoever they were, however they danced? Could the blindfolds help me to be truly blind to gender, age, race, economic status?

As we each retreat further into our silos of our devices and our tribes, avoiding contact with strangers, I wanted to see if anyone would take me up on this invitation. I wanted to remind the world, but mostly myself, that extraordinary connections between strangers are possible and that the world can be as magical, safe, and free as we allow it to be.

Thank you to those who took me up on the offer. Thank you to those who whispered encouraging words. Thank you to the blindfolds for encouraging me to trust and surrender.

Thank you to Candice Holdorf for supporting me in this mad endeavor, and to Mar al Dao for your incredible eye and presence.