Endangered Species

Directed by: Quinn Schromm | Produced by: Quinn, Moses, Shyon, Logan | Production Company: Pacific Elementary School | Music Video | 2022 | USA | 3:59



6th Graders from Pacific Elementary School in Davenport worked together on this original song and video to promote the protection of Endangered Species. Please do what you can to help organizations like World Wildlife Fund:

Original Song written and performed by
Quinn Schromm

Student Director - Quinn Schromm

Student Producers
Quinn, Moses, Shyon, Logan

Watercolor Painting & Editing
Quinn Schromm

Additional Vocals & Graphics
Moses O'Riordan

Camera and Graphics
Shyon Johnson

Sound recording & Graphics & Editing & Animation
Logan Franks

Music Editing
Christopher Cain

Wendy Milette

Produced at Pacific Elementary School 2022

For More Information

World Wildlife Fund
Pacific Elementary School