Dr. Ben Carson became the youngest ever Chief of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Roberto Arévalo teaches kids in Somerville, Massachusetts, to make videos documenting their lives.

David Kaplan is like a father to Becky Weitzman.

Herschel Vaughn conducts an after-school music program in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York.

Kyle Miller from Pacific Palisades, California USA.

My hero is Dick Held. Dick is my coach and my hero because I think he does a great job coaching our team. He is very dedicated and he coaches in a unique and interesting way that me and my teammates all find enjoyable.

Maria Jurkowska from Dallas, Texas USA.

My hero is Coach Jere Thompson. Coach Thompson is one of my son's teachers who I think really cares about his students. Being firm but caring in his approach, he has kept my son from skipping school, failing and all the other juvenile antics and actions that a teenager would be inclined to do. I just think that he shouldn't go unnoticed.

Cara Sell from Kansas City, Missouri USA.

My hero is my friend, Jasbir Suri. Jasbir came to the United States from India all by himself when he was 18 years old. He had very little money, but had a strong desire to get a college education. He worked odd jobs in order to support himself and pay for his tuition. Even though he still struggles financially, he does all he can to help out family members who are still in India. Jasbir is determined to complete his degree soon and become an architect. Because he never gives up on himself, I know he will reach this goal.

Caroline Cook from Medina, Ohio USA.

My hero is Richard Clevidence, a learning disabilities teacher at our high school. He was injured in a diving accident when he was 18, which left him a quadriplegic. Despite his disability, Rich got both his bachelor's and master's degrees in education and has spent over twenty years helping students with learning disabilities at our high school. In addition to teaching, he also has been an assistant coach for our girl's gymnastics team. He is an excellent teacher, a great friend, and someone I consider a hero.

Jen Pratt from Honesdale, Pennsylvania USA.

My hero is Steve Kiesendahl. Some people in my life have problems with my disability, but Steve is always there. He is like a father to me, but he is also my best friend. We understand each other and have fun. We talk about everything. He is also my hero because he doesn't let what anybody thinks stop him from being his own person and doing what he wants to do. My disability doesn't stop us.

Ronnie Roberts from Miami, Florida USA.

My hero is Neil Sartori. He is teaching me how to use the computer for my poetry students and this is my first lesson with a fourth grade teacher watching me.

Charlie from Laguna Beach, California USA.

My hero is James Pribain because he taught me how to surf. He is a really nice guy and he is a pro surfer.

Mark Stone from Chicago, Illinois USA.

My heroes are all teachers. They are doing the most important thing in the world - helping to create the next generation and doing it without enough pay, power, or prestige. Also, they are trying to do it in an environment hostile to learning.

Carl Levinson from Indianapolis, Indiana USA

My hero is Marshall Dixon, a professor. He taught me how to think. He changed my whole idea of learning to something that is to be treasured. He helped block for me at the university so that I could study deeply.

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A father figure can be a friend or teacher or even the neighborhood grocer.