Lena Nozizwe presents Alice Princess is Fresh!

Produced by: Lena Nozizwe | Documentary | 2016 | USA | 6:17



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As a child in Malawi, Africa, Alice Princess Msumba Siwundhla, Ph.D., was handed a hoe and told to help contribute to the meals in her village. She first learned to cook in an outdoor kitchen there which was basically an open-air BBQ pit. Her culinary upbringing was the very definition of farm to fork dining.

Once in America the South African-born university educator, inspirational speaker and best-selling author has shared her cuisine at dinner parties, with students and talk show hosts. "Alice Princess is Fresh!" provides adventurous cooks with the opportunity to serve themselves exotic, nutritional and fresh cuisine.

"Alice Princess is Fresh!" is directed, produced, photographed and edited by Alice Princess' award-winning author, filmmaker and broadcast journalist daughter, Lena Nozizwe, who was privileged to grow up eating her mother;s delicious authentic African cooking. Find the recipes at