Davey Rogner - Picking Up Trash Across America

Directed by: Gerard Ungerman | Documentary | 2017 | USA | 7:43



Many of us feel appalled enough at seeing litter sometimes that we feel compelled to picking up the offensive pieces of refuse and toss them in a bin. But who in their wildest dreams would ever think “Hey! Let's walk across an entire continent and pick up all the litter in sight?” That idea didn’t sound overly crazy to two students from Maryland who decided one fateful morning in 2010 to do just that. Their idea turned into a three year, 3,000+ mile journey that did more than remove several tons a garbage from roadsides. “Pick Up America” – Davey Rogner and Jeff Chen’s project - inspired thousands of students along the way. It taught them about the need to reduce garbage, and also showed them that YES, it is possible to carry out such a herculean task and make a difference in the world if we only believe hard enough that it can be done.

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