Directed by: Robert Sarnoff | Documentary | 2017 | USA | 9:57



A close-up and personal look at the army of street people collecting bag-loads of cans and bottles. Gain access to their underground world as these ‘pickers’ bicycle and cart multi-colored mountains through congestive gridlocks and biting insults. Seeking redemption, a nickel at a time, all while saving the planet. A graphic image of the Pacific Gyre filled with plastics, sludge and debris, approximating the size of The Continental United States, punctuates the point. “I could bake you a five tier wedding cake, now I’m out of work….I’m not beggin’, I’m not borrowin’, I’m not stealing. I’m doing this to survive”, Richard emotes. “Survival of the fittest”, his partner adds. Think Studs Terkel Meets Dorothea Lange in “The Longest Day”.

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Robert Sarnoff