Punk Rock Diplomacy

Produced by: The Moxie Institute/Dir. Tiffany Shlain | Experimental | 2015 | USA | 5:05



Starting with a hilarious story about Director Tiffany Shlain when she was 18 and out of her element, this short film explores her recent journeys as a filmmaker with the US State Department and how everyone can participate in what she calls 'Punk Rock Diplomacy.'

This film is part of the Emmy-nominated hit series, 'The Future Starts Here,' where Director Tiffany Shlain takes us on a series of wildly entertaining, daring and inspiring rides exploring what it means to be human in an increasingly connected world. From the latest neuroscience on daydreaming to the evolution of social media to new perspectives on creativity, diplomacy, gender and the future of our species, Shlain uses her signature style of fast-paced images, colorful animations, and daring and funny insights to encourage us all to think about where we're headed.