Produced by: Andre Guttfreund
Teaching to Live
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Teaching to Live

Produced by: Andre Guttfreund | Documentary | El Salvador | 10:05



A teacher hero trains children to be self-sufficient environmentalists. El Zapote School teaches kids from kindergarten through ninth grade skills that they can use for the rest of their lives in order to be a better person and help the planet. The environment is a vital part of the school's curriculum. Eighty percent of the students at the school have started their own hydroponics garden at their home from what they have learned at school and El Zapote School sets aside one day every week for students to clean up and recycle materials in their community. The school offers many other teachings to help their students thrive in life such as helping baby sea turtles get released into the ocean and making sure that every student has basic computer skills before going into high school.

Un maestro héroe entrena a niños a ser ambientalistas autosuficientes.