Your Street, Our Stage

Directed by: Johnny Alvarez | Produced by: Actuality Media | Documentary | 2017 | USA/Bolivia | 10:03



Your Street, Our Stage (Tu calle, nuestro estrado) tells the story of Tania Coca Ardaya, a former student and current instructor for Performing Life International (Fundación Enseñarte), a before-and-after school performing arts organization dedicated to helping children from under-resourced neighborhoods surrounding Cochabamba, Bolivia. We learn about the life of a child working on the street who brought herself up through circus performance, friendship, and the community of the program - and who is now attending university with dreams of attending the police academy in La Paz. Tania’s hope for all of the kids currently in the program: that they can see beyond their current circumstances and rise to their full potential, through the arts and beyond.

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