Calling FILMMAKERS of all ages!

Participate in The MY HERO Project! Share short films of 10 minutes and under with our global learning community.

Celebrate individuals who are working to effect positive change in the world. Create inspired films that promote local and global heroes. Share your vision of heroism with millions of visitors from around the world who visit our educational website.

Celebrate unsung heroes around the world working for positive change

All films submitted must be original, family friendly and positive in its message. The MY HERO Project will not knowingly publish any work that has been plagiarized or reproduced from any other source and will not promote hate, violence or prejudice anywhere on our website.

MY HERO International Film Festival - Prizes and Awards


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Prizes are awarded annually to students and professionals. Cash prizes include:

The Dan Eldon Activist Award

The Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award

Relationships First

The Ron Kovic Peace Prize

The Teen Press Prize

VR for Good Award

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The MY HERO Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible.