Global Dance Heroes

Directed by: Teresa Taylor | Documentary | 2019 | USA / Brasil | 5:45



The mission of The Global Dance Initiative is to spotlight and support HEROES from around the globe – that use DANCE to Heal, Connect and Inspire. The beauty and the impact that dance has on those with Down Syndrome is stunning. It not only helps with physical coordination & strength, but with the dancer’s confidence & self-esteem, which serves them in forming meaningful friendships and family bonding. Dance literally changes the life of the participant, and their entire family.

Here in the US, we have the Free 2 Be Me Dance program, led by the inspirational Colleen Perry. Across the globe is another beautiful soul, Elias LaFuente with his program, Danza Down. Although physically separated by millions of miles, these two individuals share the same heart, spirit and motivation. In this story, we experience the joy of having these two heroes meet in Madrid, Spain. Their time together is truly inspirational!

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